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At 1950’s some people with exploratory spirit wanted to make the difference, so a group of researchers was formed in order to investigate and explore further the limited field of air fresheners.

However it was only 30 years later, when the production of Area Deodorant, Liquid Gel and Spray began for the first time in Greece, which was soon spread to the field of Insect repellence and disinfection.

With carefully planned and steady steps Spring Air has been established as a leading company in the field, fulfilling the below characteristics:

  • The company applies management quality systems and is certified by international models. Is certified by ISO 9001:2008 from Germany’s TUV.
  • It is the first company in the field that applied franchise internationally.
  • Spring Air always keeps up with the latest field developments. Its name is connected with leading products and pioneering ideas. 

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